Our Vision: Empowering Women to Recover Together

Tiffany Knight Founder/Director 

I have had an intimate experience with addiction and recovery. As a child of a (now deceased) recovering addict and recovering myself, I will be the first to tell you the journey to recovery is not easy. In 2002, I found myself homeless and all out of options. I had burned every bridge I crossed.

A piece of my story: I was dropped off at a detox center in 2002. After 7 days of detox I was discharged with the clothes on my back, a bus pass, and one phone call. My phone call was to a Goodwill shelter who had one mat on the floor. I begged them to hold that mat on the floor for me, and I would be there as soon as possible. I started this journey with a mat on the floor and a little bit of hope. Where I have been and where I am now is what motivates my continued sobriety today and provides me the passion and willpower to assist other women in need. 

In 2002 “In the Meantime” was just a dream. Today it is a reality.

Tracy R. Thornton Vice Chair • Charlotte, NC 

Tracy Thornton is a partner/owner of Computer Data Services, LLC where she serves as the Vice-President of Operations. She has extensive business management, project management and operations experience in the consulting, technology and financial services industries. Tracy is a strategic thinker with significant contributions in effective business management and planning, process improvement, as well as operational execution and organizational planning. Her experiences include Project Management, Business Planning, Metrics Tracking, Reporting & Analysis, Strategic Planning & Execution and Communication Planning & Execution.

After having spent more than ten years gaining valuable experience in a variety of corporate environments, Tracy decided to apply those skills to the family business. Prior to joining CDS, Tracy served in both Project Management and PMO Management roles with Bank of America. She played an integral role in several projects in the merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. She is also Six Sigma certified.

As ITM Board Co-Chair, Tracy’s primary role is in supporting and representing the organization in the community, the development and execution of strategic plans, and ensuring the goals and projects of the organization are completed expeditiously.

Do your part.

ITM was established to provide women released from detox centers with safe transitional housing and support while enrolled in an outpatient program.

You can support our mission.

In The Meantime is a 501(c)3. We have the mission, vision and strategic plan. We are in need of a property to create a safe, substance free home for women in need. Donations can be made in honor of a family member, loved one or friend.